Couples counselling can be for connections of any kind.  Together we can address any relationship breakdown in which friction or disharmony has arisen and work towards a better outcome. Difficulties in friendships, personal relationships, marriages and professional connections, such as business partnerships, are things we can discuss in counselling.

We can explore how we’re able to form attachments, trust and rely on our partners/friends, how we deal with separation and change and how loss can trigger patterns of behaviour and being that have become unhelpful or even detrimental for us.

Couples counselling involves both joint and individual sessions with an emphasis on maintaining transparency within the relationship, therefore the usual essential element of confidentiality is extended to both subjects of the relationship at all times.

Couples counselling can be a rich and informative experience for discovering why we may struggle to know what we need in another, to ask for it once we do but then also to let go of it when our needs change.

These sessions run for 60 minutes, longer than the usual 50 minutes of an individual therapy session. For more details please feel free to call and enquire.

“69% of the time, a couple’s conflict is about issues that never get resolved”. – Dr John Gottman

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